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Should I Vaccinate?

Should I Vaccinate?

I have been exploring this question since I began the food-consciousness journey in 1995 beginning with cutting out refined sugar, then vegetarianism, then organic, then veganism, then anti-gmo, then grass fed meat and milk, then raw milk, then raw-foodism… the journey continues.  But basically this path demanded I re-evaluate everything in my life from the clothes I wear, to the shoes on my feet, to the accessories I get…. For example, through this consciousness path (in other words really seeking the truth and wanting to know where things come from- essentially having a relationship with ALL who are part of the things acquired in my life) I found out about slave-labor to make mardi gras beads along with a lot a lot of clothing… all these things demanding a rearranging of my life. YES I will GLADLY pay more for sustainable clothing if I know I am NOT enabling a woman to be enslaved in a factory for less than a dollar a day :( :( :( :( :( :( I just want the world to embrace the joy and love for life that is possible… I feel it.

So… Vaccinations… that have mass required experimentation on animals AND people… just doesn't exactly fit into my world of conscious activities… and that's just how this sensitive woman rolls.



I know what you are going to say if you are PRO-VACCINE… I am putting others in danger.
If you are indeed saying this.. that just doesn't resonate with my heart.  My brain understands you… my heart is sad that this mass belief exists which might indeed be a toxic one… aka not the whole truth… it's complicated.

I was recently REQUIRED to get a FLU vaccine for work and felt so so so so so violated - I ended up getting a religious exemption but it was grueling and I felt the psychic attacks from so many, a log with tons of support I might add.

In any case after watching the incredible 10- movie documentary series with I learned I was far from alone.  So many have had a hard time with vaccines because of adverse reactions from a lifetime of autistic affectations to the death of their babies and children.  This is reflective of something I often observe: the microcosm affecting the macrocosm - if it is harmful on a direct scale (the experimentation) how could it NOT be harmful on a BIG scale… same with slave labor mardi gras beads.  They are horrible in processing and they a then destroy the environment.  There are a lot of things like this in life and it teaches us a lot.  As we take care of each other, we naturally take care of our earth better.  A lot of things are shifting and questioning Vaccination is VERY controversial.. so with no further ado,

I present to you 


(I learned quite a bit in researching this.. AND plan on looking at a lot more info before this month is done)


Here are the words to this song… using 256 words that rhyme with Vaccination .. Part 2 on the way (guess how many ---ATION rhyming words are in Part 2)

Vaccination song

Welcome to my 145th Sunday Songwriting presentation 
It's kinda cool that it's the same week as the inauguration of our 45th president of this nation 
It's good to pay attention to  universal coordinations
There are no coincidences in a world of spiritualization
I'm so grateful that you're joining me on my journey as I look beyond vaccinations…

Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside. 
Whats inside the needle, Let's see what's inside.


I am truly humbled by the advanced medical association
and saving lives every day is a more than respectable occupation
And I am filled with so much appreciation
 for all the doctors, nurses and staff working in hospitalization
 working so hard and efficiently in emergency situations.

 I also see  so much valuation  in practices of Asian and alternative medication
 Indian, African and indigenous medicine and spiritual  meditations
Breath Therapy, Massage Therapy, nutritional and homeopathic consultations.

All in essence want to work together to encourage self-care motivations
Because, individuals lacking health autonomy  might be encouraging exaltation 
of a health and wellness dependency dependent on genome predestination
thus discouraging general healthy habits amidst socialization
while rising rates in health insurance are potentially adding claudication
to an otherwise strong self-care prioritization operation

Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside
Whats inside the needle, Let's see what's inside


Ok here's my attempted translation of the modern scientific explanation:
of vaccination..  with a lot of simplification..
A vaccination is a derivation, a simulation, of our natural immunization 
Lets look at our  Antibody - antigen natural confutation 
 antigens alert us that we've had pathogens claim our body for visitation
such, e.g.,  viruses & bacteria, come with their own antigens, their unique protein fragmentations
These invaders are tagged through their antigens by a team of antibody customizations
newly created in response to begin their tagging, stalling and accumulation
through neutralization, precipitation, complement fixation and agglutination
And like a winning football team tackling its opponent, what follows is recuperation
Now having control of the ball you score as the other team is led off the field in their lamentation

Now Artificial immunity with vaccines uses  antigen inoculations
 that produces antibody stimulations
These antibodies are all ready to go if the more aggressive pathogens with their taggable antigens join the show, and in theory this boosts a body's  winning potentiation 
aka an increased healthy life expectation, 
because having a head start with already created antibodies is like starting a race 15 minutes before your opponent leaves their station.
And still often the tricky pathogen accelerations take on new formations
 with antigen mutations that we need to address with re-vaccinations
 or re-exposure with booster applications.
It's a temporary fraction of protection unlike if you develop your natural immunization 
after disease contraction and recovery which  often proves a  life-long substantiation
Because just like playing football is not just about the individual players but how they work in combination.
Actually going through the motions of tackling and conquering the pathogen is an accumulation
of experience and wisdom locked into the blood with deep cellular adaptations
But is asking an infant to create a team of defenders for not just one, not just two, but maybe 72 situations
Like asking a construction worker to build a whole house in a couple of months duration
when the special labradorite renovations will take a  couple of years for procreation?

Anyway,  part of the theorized disease eradication  effectuation 
is a study showing,that because of host pathogen interaction, 80- 95% of the population
needs to have participation in artificial immunization. 
 it's called herd immunity vaccination…      and This is the one argument that makes it difficult for those who claim their own body assignation
to have any admiration 
and so there's even encouragement to deny the right to control one's own body which feels bad and is (an) unfair ramification 
and  the iron fist is that it implies violations
 to each side's (of the ) individual idealizations

But my honest question is do the risks outweigh the accelerations
Because not just recently, more than 20 yrs, it's been hundreds of years of hearing stories about toxifications
and recently auto-immunizations caused by infant vaccinations 
And Some argue this artificial immunization is too detrimental anyway on an immune system that hasn't reached its maturation 
… like doing face lifts on a baby - or breast implantations - 
or other intrusive cosmetic alterations
right?  that most people would see as ridiculous at this phase of origination.
Until about 2-3 months old, The baby relies on his mother's antibodies at which time they show declination.
Then through its fungi and bacterial explorations 
starts building its own significant fortification 
& With significance a 1 year old child has a well established systemation
But at 12-14 years old is when they finally reach adult levels of antibody formation.

Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside
Whats inside the needle, Let's see what's inside


Just recently we've been introduced to a new infant and adult compliant flu vaccination
It all seemed to come at once with unusual availability in drug stores, supermarkets, schools and with grandiose marketing strategizations
I am pretty sure we don't have to worry about the flu killing our species and yet here we go being bombarded with media driven vaccine glorifications. (more about this in Part 2..)
But it surprised me and felt so strange that My last job required rigorous exemption applications,
 for me to decline  yearly  flu vaccinations,
 My logic was  that me not eating processed fast foods or refined sugars, while boosting my  mineralizations 
with foods rich in vitamins B, C and D, along with Qi Gong is a super natural immunization. 
Plus I was doing a liver flush over several months to support my own health complications
And didn't want the vaccine's adjuvants to get in the way of this detoxification
 - But that wasn't a good enough explanation 
Because now the idea of herd immunity programming would suffer from my lack of participation.
so in order to protect my fundamental rights of what goes in my body,  I needed religious exemption documentation
and ohh you  Antagonizations, congratulations, 
right here had me feeling like I was on probation
It's so strange to me that making a choice that feels so intuitively right to me could lead to my alienation,   
innately we crave healthy social integration, 
so this was a huge immune suppression causing stress-induced fasciculations 
by people hypocritically promoting our health accelerations.
Still, for me, filling my body with foreign substances and formaldehyde would have been worse than the emotional degradation.
And today, instead of  artificial antibody stimulation, 
I'm having an emotional natural immunity response pumping  antibodies of articulations
 towards antigens of  proselytization's
Because my soul is telling me that abnegation to authority's mandation 
Especially when threatening my fundamental liberations,
leaves me vulnerable to self-annhilation , 
a spiritual imbalance that for me can cause emotional issues and diseases physicalizations
whoa (I just had a realization - it's be in Part 2)

I too would like relaxation, so stop wasting your energy attacking my frustration
I was pre-med - I saw the chemical equations, then had my own realizations,
Because life is a journey, not a destination,
and I  had questions that weren't answered by my professor of biological moleculation
what i feel spans quite some duration 
through half of  my life in deep, heartfelt mentation
seeking truthful education, with tireless painful investigation, 
not relying on the radio or tv stations.

And so I continue with my trepidations, 
like Saying we're a herd triggers upsetting implications
that we are to be thought of as cattle and sheep amidst our human civilizations
And It's spooky to not be able to  justify our individual revelations 
Because personally I am morally unable to see justification 
to killing or even harming one human who has a vaccine reaction of lifelong devastation
in the name of public health, reduction of people to numbers, herd immunization.
I often look at our history throughout civilization, 
And see that Even without voluntary consent there's often been inappropriate authorization
and through cassation 
they take the reigns resulting in some of our human family's tragic extermination

Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside
Whats inside the needle, Let's see what's inside

Let me harp just a little longer on how I do not like that just questioning this I've already faced humiliation 
Like couching me, the combination
 of a compliment wrapped around beration 
It's actually a creepy normalization of a psychotic or Narcisstic retaliation
(hold nose) 
This smells like a collectively trained reaction to someone who refuses  spoliation
saying "you are hurting everyone" with the connotation 
that "You, alone don't matter" an intricate psychological warfare mind control tactic integral to depredation.
Feeding the belief that one does not have the right to control their own body which should be one's fundamental liberation 
 If you ask me, this sounds like a spiritual deceleration.

Within this world filled with entertainment and media overstimulation
I have come up with a couple of theories on why there are so many attacks with 
personalization..           against the rights for an individual to choose -
 Later I'll explore these puzzle piece serrations

How the grooves and notches of our own subconscious speak with inconceivable magnifications.
Still facing some degradation is a normal expectation 
When one goes against whats believed by the mass population
And it's a pretty common occurrence within the artist vocation
It's accepted that Artists venture beyond society's limited realities with extraordinary imaginations
to give us boundless actuations the public needs for regular sensory stimulations.
Plus huge shifts in societal beliefs, are  often influenced through artist visualizations
A renaissance is always just a thought away from materialization 
Unfortunately most artists face starvation, meaning the deprivation of appreciation
 and validation from their general congregation.
because the interlunitation visionary message intoxifications
are often off the beaten path from the public's navigations
Anyway,  I finally no longer fear this open communication
 about my different adaptations to what I felt as violations to my body's illuminations,
 I am not here to criticize anyone's  individual vaccinal orientation, 
Vaccinating is your choice, You can decide whats good for you and your familiations, 
and I hope together we can find a common ground for compassionate reciprocations. 

YOU are all my relations
I have so much appreciation for the connection and integration
 I feel in our co-creative peace and love manifestations

I hope you enjoy this lyrical presentation (ok fine its more like a dissertation)
I  intend for my summation to have  medical and historical validation
As we explore this together this is a mere reiteration 
And the purpose of these words is to have conversation stimulation

Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside
Whats inside the needle, Let's see what's inside


Over 2000 years ago we learned a lot from Hippocrates' intelligent proliferation
of medicinal knowledge, tracing back with collective agnation
Diseases were  "A product of environmental factors, diet and living habits" -in his quantification
Remedies found in "the healing power of nature"  He learned  with years of gentle observation. 
like using apple cider vinegar consumption, and rest with immobilization 
He especially saw results with the natural "vaccine" which is the literation
of the genus of Heath family shrubs called a "Vaccinium" species of classification
Their fruit includes Huckleberries, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, whortleberries, cowberries and my favorite sparkleberry Vaccinium arboreum, that can get mushed into Such a simple and powerfully effective immune boosting medication
Because Eating all of these raw berries causes powerful cellular anti-oxidation.
A process of preventing molecular oxidation through the neutralization
of a reactive oxygen that would otherwise be threatening with its creation 
of a free-radical, a chemical with unpaired electrons that can reak devastation
due to the reactions it can cause with abductions of your molecules damaging your essential molecular structuralization 
It's like saying to that threat - you better back away with that life force charge de-activation
Thing (that) you do - I got my  antioxidants through fresh fruit and vegetable cornucopiation
And you don't have a chance at your attempted desensitization.
And there's no way I'm gonna let you stay cause you know you wanna react into (a) free radical polymerization.
And I'm just not down with that l deterioration, like oxidized cholesterol- no way,  I choose revitalization
By the way most of these reactive oxygens enter our body through environmental implications,
for example, chemicals, pollutants, smoke and chlorination
alcohol, food preservatives, pesticides, and and even uv radiation 

So lets fast forward a thousand or so years and talk about the environmental implications
There's always been problematic areas with no sanitation, 
people drinking and cleaning with defecation, 
& add the coal ash run offs with no phytoremediation
the revolutionary industrialization with chemical monstrations,
technical and nuclear radiation
and global deforestations, chemical weaponry escalations 
and biological warfare making super-viral innovations
Introduction of processed foods, eating oils with hydrogenation, 
chemicals added to foods for preservation
cooking with utensils and  pans filled with toxication  
(oh man sounds like heaven for free destructive radical oxidation - what else?)
poisonous cosmetic products, and toxic construction project originations,  
drinking water filled with fluoridation, (swimming in pools with chlorination)
the clothing we wear filled with pesticidal molestations
increased fossil fuel transportations, Pipelines all leaking on the way to fueling stations 
water and soil contaminations,
Is there any getting away from these environmental habituations
And yet not a lot of this is being accounted for in the medical documentations.
of disease - so How is it we are certain that disease is mostly a categorical externalization
After years of unnatural internalizations- see if we entrust Hippocrates as our doctoral  representation
we must look back at his words again… disease is A product of environmental factors, diet and living habits" -that's his quantification

Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside
Whats inside the needle Let's see what's inside  (ARE vaccines safe?) 


Now what caused smallpox? Was this disease created as a weapon for militarization?
IN any case we may not know,  but the acclaimed  smallpox eradication, 
started as a procedure called variolation
That dates back centuries to the Greek observations 
that an exposure to disease built up a protective immunization
and later in China, variola scabs were turned into a powdered variolation for nostril inhalation
Sometimes it worked, sometimes it caused more outbreaks as it continued  its staycation(s)
But Those who had exposure to cows with cowpox were noticed to show higher rates of smallpox immunization
and then cowpox inoculation, in the 1800s became a preferred immunization, 
Now the latin lac vaccinum means cow's milk - what a coincidental close association
to the genus vaccinium, Can cowberries heal cowpox? There's an interesting contemplation
So  thus England's Dr. Jenner called his practice a vaccination.
then in the 1950s we developed a freeze dried version through the process of centrifugation
which would allow long term storage without refrigeration
But now the smallpox vaccine is no longer part of our scheduled immunization 
because it is considered less safe than any other viral defenstration 
with Adverse side effects like regional lymphadenopathy, fever and lesion formation

America  showed outbreaks of smallpox until 1925, 
After that a milder form showed its reverberation
 And by 1949 in America there was already smallpox eradication - with no vaccination.

 33 countries still had reported cases of smallpox perpetuation  
 and millions of dollars went into the formulation
of this world health global plan for smallpox elimination
meanwhile the creation of a bifurcated needle for penetration
required a smaller dose for its delivery simplification

Luckily transmission of this virus only became epidemic in highly dense populations
So even though fifty percent or less of some internations received the vaccination, 
by 1980 not one case of smallpox showed up in an investigation.

But besides the popular belief, smallpox contraction has another medical explanation
 of toxication, 
that the gut in those affected has a limitation
 in finding ways of elimination 
because of excessive animal meat fermentation 
which then finds its way out of the body through these ugly skin ablations

There have been cases of people contacting these irritations
without contracting any of these fatal affectations
So being  certain its contagious might be a stretch of the imagination. (or mass hysteria)

The body is amazing in its adaptation, for if it didn't erupt in these palpations
there would be no way to transudate the toxic fermentations
 that could cause devastation , if not immediately finding their exudation
The accompanying fevers and headaches are signs of detoxification 
that generally subside as soon as the blisters begin (the dangerous protein)  removal transudation

BRIDGE: Do we need vaccines? What is this machine?
Will it keep us clean or is it mean, is it obscene, a big smokescreen? 


So why did so many die and scar from this seemingly natural healing transformation?
Because the treatment at the time called for phenol and mercury soaked gauze application
This antiseptic and poisonous material gave the papules no ventilation 
to release the toxication along with a suffocation 
of the body's own bacterial army that would naturally have cleaned up the excoriation,
 resulting in a scab  that would eventually  find its disintegration 
But with these bandages soaked with corrosive liquidations, (and no aeration)
 scars were inevitably formed.. 
and thats all I got for now for this explanation

But how can we say there was a full global eradication of smallpox with a vaccination 
in 1980 when in 1996 there were outbreaks of "Monkeypox"  in the Congo aggregation
Did Monkeypox come from smallpox or was it monkeypox that started this (whole) smallpox  epitomization
Eating raw monkey meat has definitely been documented as a sickness causing situation

Do I need to go into how countless smallpox vaccines caused death 
and no immunization
How if one contracted smallpox even after vaccined , to avoid deteration 
  from their intended diagnostic evaluation 

it was called chickenpox…  data can be tainted to prove one's determination
Bending numbers and removing facts  can prove their propigations
It couldn't hurt to keep on sifting through these massive data compilations

Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside
Whats inside the needle, Let's see what's inside (ARE vaccines safe?) 


You know I need to talk about Polio before we go into the highly criticized autism correlations
Because that is a huge fear keeping attachments strong to the belief in vaccinations
But I am going to keep it short to allow you to do your own investigation 
Poliomyelitis is a viral disease that in .5 % of cases there is a temporary paralyzation
And 2 to 5 % of these .5% children die,  It's spread through eating infected defecation
A number of doses of the polio vaccine is said to prevent this disease with effectuation
And they discovered in the early twentieth century, so does cutting out SUGAR according to Dr. Benjamin Sandler's scientific testification
Could this be true? He documented that in less than 24hrs without consuming any sugar or starch replications
The body could literally build resistance to the viral infestation
In a publication he wrote  a supplication for community cooperation 
to adapt a diet low in sugar for just what he saw as two weeks needed for polio eradication.
He further was able to give polio to a polio vaccinated animal of which his manipulations
involved creating hypoglycemic abnormalizations
Though the polio virus was the main cause of poliomyelitis, there is an illation
Simply found in Medical Literature, that the coxsackie, echo and entero-viruses can also be the causation

What does this mean? That the Salk Vaccine with polio antibody stimulation 
would not be effective in these situations.
They (also) found the infection was more catastrophic if someone lacked an integral bowel flora population
Scientists also saw this bowel infection to be mimicked by lead, arsenic, DDT and other neuro-toxifications.

Sounds a lot to me like free-radical polymerizations (parties)

Plus the formaldehyde used in the Salk Vaccine to create a state of viral inactivation 
did not always work as planned and in fact the viruses would resurrect in their (the)  vials causing actual viral inoculations,  
thus creating an unnecessary viral propagation  .

BRIDGE: Do we need vaccines? What is this machine?
Will it keep us clean or is it mean, is it obscene, a big smokescreen? 


Acute Flaccid Paralysis & Transverse myelitis are today treated with artificial ventilation
Just like the iron lung that was used with Polio see It's a replication (of Poliomyletis), 
with a dif name still existing today with 100s of yearly cases in documentation 

What's in a name, that which we call a  rose by any other name would smell as sweet
so Romeo would if not romeo called…  

But lets end this polio conversation with a very positive proclamation 
Dr. Frederick Klenner claimed to have given all of his polio patients 100% health restoration
With intravenous Vitamin C , does that not bring you major elation?

Yes approval exists for vaccine regulation, alongside miscalculations & misinformation 
Dissociation from this and our intuitive sensory input can cause derealization
leading us to placation to accept domination, blocking our own realizations
and the worst part about it is  it makes it harder for us to be full of celebration.

Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside
Whats inside the needle, Let's see what's inside
Whats inside the needle, tell me whats inside (ARE vaccines safe?) 

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